Viola by Luis Claudio Manfio

Fine Violas 

Luis Claudio Manfio 16  2010

Luis Claudio Manfio 15 1/2  2009

Luis Claudio Manfio 16 1/4  2014

Christopher T. Sandvoss 15 1/2  2017

Wladek "Walter" Stopka 16 . 2016

Barbara Swerik 16 in. 1984

German Viola 16 in. circa 1930 

Evan Smith 15 7/8 2018

​Evan Smith 16 1/4 2018

Tertis Model viola 16 in. 2017

​Alex Louis Reza 15 3/8 2018 ​SOLD

Young M. Kim 16 1/8 . 1992

Dirk Henry 16 1/4  2014

Z. L. Liang 16 1/4 2017

​Maggini models 15 1/2 2017

Dirk Henry "DaSalo" 15 1/2 2018

NS Design Cello

Violin by Joseph Tripodi

Certificate and appraisal by Joseph Tripodi

This violin was owned by Violinist Gerald Beal and has been used in recordings, and played in Carnegie Hall performance. Power, projection and beauty!

Viola by Luis Claudio Manfio

"Alma Mahler"

Manfio's violas are played by professionals across the world.  We are happy to offer one of Manfio's 16 in. violas. Currently available!  Feel free to call and set up a trial, you will not be disappointed.

Violins of Omaha

Rare & ​Fine Stringed Instruments and Bows

Viola & Cello by Wladek (Walter) Stopka
Born and raised in Poland, he started practicing violin making in 1978 in Krakow Poland in the shop of a very well known Polish Violin Maker.
In 1989 he migrated to the U.S. For the last 20 years he has been making instruments in his own shop located in the Southwest Suburbs of Chicago, IL. 
Walter's specialty is in the Stradivarius models. He uses high quality, old European wood for all his instruments and makes his own varnish, he adds to the quality of finishes which vary from Modern to Antiquearagraph here.

Violin by Dr. Peter White 

Dr. White founded New Mexico Musical Heritage Program at The University of New Mexico where he served for thirty eight years as a professor.  Peter has won dozens of gold and silver medals from the Arizona Violin Makers Association.  In 2010 his copies of the works of Andrea Amati were awarded special gold medals by the distinguished jurors of the first international contest for antiqued instruments held in Cremona-Pisogna Italy. 


Christopher T. Sandvoss  2007

​Wladek "Walter" Stopka 2016

Dr. Peter White 2014

German cello circa 1950

Wilhelm Klier 2000

Peter Kuaffman 2018

All instruments are available to be taken out for trial.  The trail period is 7 days. We ship nationally and internationally

Call for prices 402-707-7964

Nicholas Lupot 1792 

​Leandro Bisiach Sr. 1897

Gand & Bernadel 1867 ex Dan Guilet Beaux Arts Trio 

Riccardo Antoniazzi 1898 SOLD

Violins over $20,000

Jean Marie Chardon (Chanot) 1878

H.C. Silverstre 1897

John Montgomery 1988

Caressa & Francais 1904

Violins between $10,000 to $20,000

​Alfred Lanini 1931

Paul Blanchard 1906

Georges Apparut 1932

Todd Goldenberg 2013 

Christopher T. Sandvoss 2006

Dirk Henry "Del Gesu" 2019

Marius Didier 1932

Enzo Barbieri 1996

​Vittorio Formaggia 2015

​Tetsuo Matsuda 2001

Joseph Liu 2010

Joseph Tripodi SOLD

Arturo Virgoletti 1985

Alkis Rappas 2016

Wladek (Walter) Stopka 2016

Dirk Henry 2016

Alex Louis Reza "Tencha" 2018SOLD

Violins between $5000 to $9,999

J. P. Bean 2008

​ALDRIC 1818 Paris

Paul Michael Stanton 1997

Catalin Quercinola 2011 SOLD

William Townsend 2005

​​Kenneth E. Sullivan 1999

​William Moennig IV 1994

Kerry Keane 1982

Dale Stevens 1979

Alex Louis Reza "Danielle" 2016SOLD 

Peter White 2012 SOLD

Karl Hofner 1959

Violins Less than $5000.00 

Don Lenker 2015

​Mary Jane Kwan 2016

​Dumitrascu 2000

Clifford Hoing 1948

Rod Ward 1979

Ioan Bandila 2016 Strad model

Freda B. Wyant 1990

Sheng 2006

Charles Gadd 1980

Ioan Virgil Bandila 2015

Ioan Virgil Bandila 2014 SOLD

Ernst Heinrich Roth & Lederer 1912 SOLD

Markneukirchen German circa 1920 SOLD

Dresden Eduard Reichert 1904 SOLD

Gliga Vasile 2016

Del Gesu "Cannone" copy 2017

Del Gesu model 2017

European Violin 2014 Strad model SOLD

​Gliga 2000 SOLD

​​Select fractional violins

3/4 John Juzek Prague violin 19th centurySOLD

3/4 E. R. Pfretzschner 1953 SOLD

3/4 Meinel violin circa 1920's

3/4 Heberlein circa 1880 SOLD

3/4 Anton Jacob 1897 

​3/4 Jurgen Klier


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