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String instruments List

Viola Bows

Donald Cohen ​SOLD

Martin DeVillers (Gold/Ebony)

Jean Luc Tauziede

​Niall Flemming ​SOLD

Michael Taylor (Gold/Ivory)

Cody Kowalski ​SOLD

W. E. Hill & Sons Frank Napier

​Augagneur Bergeron, Lyon

Andre Vigneron ca 1905 (cert. by Isaac Salchow)

Renato Casara Cremona

German unstamped

​​Coda Bow Diamond NX

Carbon Fiber viola bows

Composite viola bows

Cello Bows

Morgan Andersen

Atelier D. Samuels (J. Hoffman)

Atelier Ulf Johansson (E. Fournier)


Christophe Collinet

John Clutterbuck

Gilles DuHaut

Sigfried Finkle

Howard Green

Richard Grunke 

Lynn Hannings

Miguel Huipe

​Miguel Huipe

Norbert Seifert SOLD

​Howard Green

Gary Leahy

French stamped Jean-Jacques Millant Paris

Jacques Poullot

Monique Poullot

Robert Schallock

Jean Luc Tauziede

Garner Wilson

French cello bow (Gold/Ebony)

Coda Bow Diamond NX

Carbon Fiber cello bows

Composite cello bows

​​​​Bows for sale

All bows are available to be taken out for trial.  The trail period is 7 days. We ship nationally and internationally

Bows from French, German, English, American, Brazilian living and historical makers.

​Multiple award winning bow makers. Most bows come with certification.

Your Official Authorized Coda Bow Dealer.

All bows are silver mounted unless noted otherwise

Violin Bows​                                                           

$5,000 to $20,000 

Pierre Maline (cert. by Raffin) SOLD

Louis Bazin (cert. by Isaac Salchow)   SOLD                                          

Benoit Rolland (Gold mounted)

​Victor Fétique (cert. by Isaac Salchow) SOLD

​Charles Nicolas Bazin (cert. by Raffin) SOLD

Louis Bazin (cert. by Raffin/Le Canu/Bigot) SOLD

​Joseph Arthur Vigneron

Auguste Barbe (stamped Leon Bernardel cert. by Isaac Salchow)

Victor Fétique (cert. by Isaac Salchow) SOLD

Yannick LeCanu SOLD

Emmanuel Begin (Gold mounted) SOLD

Claude A. Thomassin ca 1920 (cert. by Isaac Salchow)

Francois Lotte (cert. Raffin/LeCanu/Bigot)

Claude Thomassin (Stamped Gand & Bernadel)

Andre Richaume (French) ​SOLD

Marie Louis Piernot ca 1940's (French)

Silver mounted/tip French bow ca 1920 (possible Clasquin)

Morgan Andersen (Gold/Ebony) SOLD

Emmanuel Begin (Gold/Ebony) SOLD

Emmanuel Begin (Gold/Ebony)

​Thomas Goering (Gold/Ebony) SOLD

David Forbes

Robert Morrow

Richard Grunke (Gold/Ebony) ca 1960 SOLD

Charles Bazin

David Samuels

Martin Devillers (Gold/Ebony)

Yannick LeCanu SOLD

Douglas Raguse (2 available)

​​Jean-Luc Tauziede

Georges Tepho

Jacques Audinot (Gold/Ebony)

Alexandre Aumont​​ a Paris

$2501.00 to $4,999.00

Hermann W. Prell ca. 1910

Niall Flemming 2017 SOLD

​Emmanuel Begin

Niall Flemming 2018 SOLD

​Arnold Voigt ca. 1910 SOLD

​​Several very nice playing unstamped French bows

French bow Sartory model unstamped ca. 1920 ​SOLD

French bow stamped "Tubbs" SOLD

​Stamped Vtor Fetique Paris SOLD

Charles A. Bazin​

Keith Bearden

Steven Beckley
Jose DaCunha SOLD

Howard Green

Lee Guthrie

Emmanuel Begin 2016 SOLD

Gary Leahy SOLD
​Gary Leahy 
John Norwood Lee Bein & Fushi

Jacques Poullot

Jacques Poullot

J. Krosnowski

T. Rask

$2,500 to $1,000

Renato Casara

Unstamped Gold/ebony

Stamped "Tourte" w/Rolland Benoit "Galliane" ebony frog SOLD

W.E. Hill & Sons SOLD

Renato Casara "Cremona"

Wilhelm Raum  ca. 1930 SOLD
Wilhelm Raum Germany 

Lothar Siefert ca. 1960 SOLD

John Chadwick "London" SOLD

Gerald Knoll

stamped Vtor Fetique

Mark Laberte

John N. Lee 

Joseph L. Liu

Silvestre & Maucotel

L. Morizot

Karel Van der Meer ca. 1900 SOLD

Ludwig Bausch (Silver/Ivory)​

Rudolph Dotschkail (Gold/Horn)

​E. H. Blondelet a. Paris

Gerald Knoll SOLD

Below $1,000

stamped "Bernard"

unstamped modern French

Sousa Valdecir 3/4 SOLD

Sousa Valdecir SOLD

​Sousa Valdecir

T. Pampolin Brasil SOLD

Stamped "Hamilton" SOLD

Carbon fiber bows

Brazil wood bows

Coda Bow "Marquise"

Coda Bow Diamond NX

Coda Bow Diamond SX

Coda Bow Diamond GX

Coda Bow Joule

Coda Bow Prodigy

Coda Bow Classic SOLD

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